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Learning, Education and Development Policy
Written by Head of Education and Training   

The Trust Board aims to create an environment where the vision, values and shared goals of the Trust permeate throughout the organisation. As such the learning, education and development policy is key in achieving the following:
  • embedding the vision, values, strategy and corporate objectives into existing and future learning, education and development activities.
  • integrating service and workforce planning to assist the organisation in recruiting, retaining and developing appropriately skilled and competent staff as well as supporting the development of new and extended roles, new and extended ways of working and new and extended ways of thinking/behaving.
  • providing a coherent framework for analysing, planning, providing, and evaluating learning, education and development at three core levels: corporate, directorate and individual.
  • making explicit the requirement, at a corporate level, for the annual business plan to be supported by a Learning, Education and Development (LED) plan.
  • specifying the importance of business units (at a directorate level) to develop learning, education and development plan as integral components of service plans.
  • affirming the importance of appraisal as a vehicle for clarifying the role, personal objectives and personal development needs of all staff in relation to those of the directorate and organisation. As such, appraisal provides a mechanism and clear line of sight between high performing individuals and the organisation.
In addition, the policy supported by the procedure clarifies how learning, education and development needs are categorised and prioritised. Statutory and mandatory training is clearly defined, as is the process for monitoring compliance.

Finally the policy outlines how staff and managers can access learning education and development opportunities both within the Trust and with partner organisations.

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