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Your Clinic Appointment
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We see over 250,000 outpatients every year at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals and our clinics cover a wide range of specialities.  

Before your appointment

Once your appointment has been made, you will receive a letter to confirm the date, time, location and details of any samples you need to bring. Please read your letter carefully and remember to check whether your appointment is at Ashford, St Peter’s or one of our outreach clinics at another location.

We have recently launched a new Appointment Confirmation Service, to help remind patients of their routine hospital appointments and reduce the number of missed appointments. The reminders are made using a combination of automated telephone calls and calls from call centre staff. Click here to read more about service

If you need to change or cancel your appointment please give us as much notice as possible by calling the appointment centre on 01932 723831.

What to bring with you

  • You appointment letter
  • Any samples requested
  • Any medication you are taking
  • Money to pay for car parking, prescriptions and refreshments

On the day of your appointment

On arrival in the department please use the self-checking kiosks. You will be given a printout with a generic number with guidance where to go for your clinic appointment. This will be displayed on the TV screens when the Doctors is ready to call you.

There are always nurses and reception staff around to help you if you need any assistance. For more information, please click here.

Waiting times

We try our best to ensure that our clinics run on time, but unforeseen delays can occasionally happen and our staff should keep you informed.

Your consultation and students

Our doctors work in teams under the leadership of a consultant and you will be seen a senior member of the team who is familiar with your case. You may not always see the consultant named on your letter or the same doctor every time you visit.

As a teaching hospital, there may be medical or nursing students present during your consultation. If you would rather they were not there please let a member of staff know.

After your consultation

If you need further tests or investigations the clinic nurse will explain what you need to do or where you need to go. If the doctor would like you to book a follow-up appointment you can do this at the outpatients reception.

You may receive a follow-up phone call after your appointment asking for feedback about our outpatient’s service.

Outpatients at Ashford Hospital

We hold around 200 clinics per week and see over 120,000 patients every year at Ashford Hospital. The majority of our clinics are held in the outpatients block, apart from rheumatology which is on the ground floor.

Appointment Contact Numbers

Gynaecology 01784 884401
Ophthalmology 01784 884402
Oral Surgery 01784 884262
Orthodontic Department 01784 884262
Outpatients / Appointments Centre 01784 884351
Physiotherapy 01784 884484
Rheumatology 01784 884351
X-Ray 01784 884473
Mental Health Outpatients 01784 884346

Please have your Appointment Card or Letter with you when telephoning as information from it will be required.

Hospital Appointments at Ashford

Admissions 01784 884180

For more information about visiting Ashford Hospital, please click here.

Outpatients at St Peter’s Hospital

St Peter’s holds approximately 220 clinics each week and has 150,000 patient attendances each year. Most clinics take place in the main outpatients department on level 3, except ophthalmology and ENT which takes place in area 5 on level 3, diabetes which is situated in the Stephanie Marks Diabetes Resource Centre, orthopaedics which is located in the Rowley Bristow Unit and rheumatology which is on level 2.

Appointment Contact Numbers

Ante-Natal Clinic 01932 722389
Cardiology 01932 722530
Maternity Appointments 01932 722366
Nuclear Medicine 01932 722482
Orthopaedic Outpatient Appointments 01932 722730
Outpatient Appointments 01932 723831
Paediatric Appointments 01932 722508
Physiotherapy 01932 722547
Ultrasound 01932 722665

Please have your Appointment Card or Letter with you when telephoning as information from it will be required.

Hospital Admissions at St Peter's

Admissions 01932 723835
Maternity Triage 01932 722835

For more information about visiting St Peter's Hospital, please click here.


Outreach clinics

In addition to our clinics at Ashford and St Peter’s we run several clinics in the community. These take place at Woking Community Hospital, Walton Community Hospital, Heart of Hounslow and some local GP practices.

Special Assistance

If you require any special assistance at all in the outpatients department, such as help with mobility, interpretation or sign language, please contact Outpatients Matron Diane Lashbrook on 01932 723428 or 01784 884584.

Click here for access guides to Clinics 1, 2, 3 at Ashford
as well as the St Peter’s Outpatients Department
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