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Rapid Access Centre
Holistic Assessment and Treatment for the Older Population
Written by Director of Operations   

Services Provided
The Rapid Access Centre (RAC) at Ashford Hospital is a service providing a holistic geriatrician assessment, diagnostics and treatment plan, primarily for older people in the local community.

Providing a one-stop assessment with access to diagnostics model is a key priority for the NHS by improving patient flow, avoiding inappropriate admission to secondary care and integrating primary, community and social services.


The main function of the centre is to proactively diagnose and treat patients deemed to be at risk of requiring emergency admission to A&E.

The RAC will
  • Provide specialist assessment of older people within 72 hours of a possible deterioration of a medical problem, to prevent admission into acute hospital.
  • Prevent/reduce multiple visits to hospital by providing a one stop medical, diagnostic workup and multidisciplinary assessment.
  • Reduce bottlenecks by freeing up urgent slots in outpatients clinics.
  • Improve patient satisfaction by keeping older people services local.
  • Enable older people to maximise their independence and prevent premature entry into long-term care.

Consultant Speciality / Specialist Interest Clinic location / frequency
GMC: 4369602
General Medicine
Elderly Medicine
TIA (all ages)
Parkinson’s disease
Wed - RAC / TIA
Dr Bhaskar MANDAL
GMC: 4596242
General Medicine
Elderly Medicine
Parkinson's disease
Rapid Access Clinic for elderly patients
TIA/Stroke Medicine
Stroke rehab at Ashford Hospital
Thu – RAC / TIA / Stroke
Dr Raad NARI
GMC: 4500748
General Medicine
Elderly Medicine
Stroke rehabilitation
Dr Keefai YEONG
GMC: 4638300
Orthogeriatrics ASH
Fri - RAC / TIA
Dr Radcliffe LISK
GMC: 4719850
General Medicine
Elderly Medicine
Rapid Access Clinic for elderly patients
Rehab at Ashford Hospital
Tue - RAC / TIA

Contact Details 01784 884500
Location Ground Floor, Main Entrance, Ashford Hospital
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